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1. Batu _______ an engineer.

a) has

b) is

c) is being

d) are

e) been


His children __________ very tall.



c) have

d) are

e) had

3. He ___________ three children.

a) have

b) isn't

c) has (got)

d) don't have

e) didn't


They ___________ dark eyes. 

a) are

b) have (got) 

c) hasn't got 

d) aren't 

e) wasn't 

5. Batu ________ in Antakya.

a) live

b) work

c) have lived

d) lives

e) had lived


He usually ____________ to work by car.

a) drive

b) is driving

c) goes 

d) travel 

e) went


He isn't _______________ in his office today. 

a) working

b) work

c) write

d) doing

e) done


He's staying at home and __________ a newspaper.

a) reads

b) reading

c) looking

d) looks at

e) looked

9. At the week-ends, his children usually _____________ television. 

a) look at

b) watch

c) watching 

d) see 

e) saw


Today they are _______ to music on the radio.

a) listen

b) hear

c) listening 

d) listened 

e) ear


Batu ________ very happy last week.

a) has been

b) were

c) was 

d) is

e) been


Last week they all ___________ at home together. 

a) came

b) have stayed

c) was

d) stayed 

e) were 


They __________ football in the garden yesterday afternoon.

a) was playing

b) been playing

c) played

d) have played 

e) play


They ___________ to the cinema yesterday evening.

a) are going 

b) have been

c) went

d) have gone 

e) go


They _____ their neighbours at the cinema just as they were about to buy their tickets.

a) saw

b) have seen

c) have met

d) were meeting

e) meet

16. They were ________ to their neighbours when the film started.

a) speak

b) spoke

c) talking

d) listened

e) listen

17. Batu is _________ to be very tired if he doesn't take a holiday soon.

a) about

b) will

c) going

d) must

e) had

18. He is ______for his holiday on the 5th of August.


b) will to

c) wait

d) leaving

e) left


Tomorrow he _______ be at work.

a) must to

b) will to

c) going to

d) will

e) would


I will make him a coffee as soon as he __________ .

a) will come

b) will be here

c) arrives

d) will arrive

e) arrived

21. He will still ________ hard at 5:00 tomorrow.

a) working

b) work

c) be working

d) works

e) worked


Batu ____________ married since 1952.

a) has

b) has been

c) is 

d) was

e) were


He has been living in Paris _____________ 5 years.

a) since

b) during

c) for

d) after

e) before


He still hasn't ___________ reading the book I lent him.

a) being

b) finish

c) found

d) finished

e) find


He's ___________ the book for one month now.

a) read

b) been reading

c) reading

d) has read

e) to read


He's only _______ half of it so far.

a) read

b) reads

c) been reading

d) to read

e) reading


Batu ________ in Antakya for 3 years when I arrived.

a)was living

b) have been living

c) lived

d) had been living

e) is living


If I have time tomorrow, I ____________ him. 

a) call

b) 'm phoning

c) 'll call

d) phone

e) called


If I went to his office, I'm sure he ___________ very surprised.

a) will be

b) won't be

c) is going to be

d) would be

e) to go


If he had come to my office this morning, I __________ very surprised.

a) was

b) will be

c) would have been

d) used to be

e) would be


You're so lucky. I wish I ___________ you.

a) couldn't 

b) were

c) wasn't

d) 'm

e) had


All the letters ____________ for him by his secretary.

a) written

b) are typed

c) typed

d) typing

e) type


He has just had his computer ___________. 

He shouldn't have any more problems with it.

a) today

b) repairing

c) repaired

d) arranged

e) to repear


He said he would leave work on time

so he really __________ be home by now.

a) can

b) ought

c) must go

d) should

e) had


He __________ be mad if he thinks I'll wait for him.

a) will

b) should

c) must

d) could

e) have


I __________ always phone him, couldn't I?

a) must

b) could

c) can't

d) shall

e) have


The _______ he finishes the report, the better.

a) nearer

b) quickest

c) sooner

d) early

e) soon


He'll never finish it on time.

He is the ___________ person I know.

a) longest

b) slowest

c) quickest

d) best

e) better


He can't talk to you right now. He is ________ up at the moment.

a) ringing

b) walking

c) tied

d) sitting

e) walk


If you don't know the word,

you can look it _________in a dictionary.

a) for

b) out

c) up

d) over

e) middle


I'm not sure whether to take it or not. It depends ________ the price.

a) of

b) off

c) about

d) on

e) over


The order will have to be confirmed ________ writing.

a) with

b) by 

c) in

d) for

e) under


He ________ to smoke but he's given up. 

a) trying

b) wanted

c) used

d) was used

e) to try


He really should stop _________ so many cigarettes. 

a) smoking 

b) smoke

c) to smoke

d) smoked

e) drink


No sooner ________ he arrived than the telephone rang. 

a) did

b) was

c) had

d) when

e) why


Don't ask him. You'd _________ off doing it by yourself. 

a) be better

b) find

c) better

d) are

e) the best


He should ________ better than to try and deceive his boss.

a) be

b) know

c) do

d) try

e) did


He is not used to ____________ his authority questioned.

a) knowing

b) having 

c) being 

d) have 

e) oppress


Not until he came into the room _____________ he know what was in store for him. 

a) couldn't

b) was

c) did

d) didn't

e) done


The boss demanded that the report _________ on his desk the following morning. 

a) be

b) have to be

c) was

d) should

e) had told


I live ________ Antakya. 

a) at

b) in

c) under

d) of

e) on


What time ________ the lesson start? 

a) does

b) are

c) do

d) is

e) had told


Mount Everest is __________ than Mont Blanc. 

a) the highest

b) highest

c) higher

d) high

e) more high


I think you have made __________ right choice.. 

a) the

b) some

c) this

d) a

e) these


Can you _________ me how to get to the airport please? 

a) told

b) tell

c) explain

d) suggest

e) say


I can't see him anywhere. Where ________ ? 

a) did he go

b) he goes

c) he went

d) is

e) was he


While I _________ my homework I heard a strange noise. 

a) am making

b) did

c) was making

d) made

e) was doing


On Friday I _________a letter from Naim. 

a) received

b) get

c) have received

d) have got

e) receive


What _________ ? Playing computer games, reading, watching TV. 

a) does he like doing

b) he likes to do

c) he likes

d) is he like

e) will he like


English _________ in England and America as well as New Zealand and Australia.

a) is speaking

b) is spoken

c) speaking

d) speak

e) was spoken


This weekend I ________ a wedding. 

a) will go

b) go

c) will go to

d) going to

e) am go

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